FO: Lost Hat

FO: Lost Hat

So, the continuing saga of the Blue Winter hat…

Yesterday, I bundled the hat into a box containing a few items such as my camera, etc, and hid it away in my suitcase. When looking through this same box this morning the hat was gone. Did I not love it enough, causing the knitting gnomes to steal it away as I slept? Cue increasing hurried and desperate attempts to locate missing knitwear for nearly two hours until it turned up under a box in the wardrobe.

The sweet relief of finding the hat again after such a scare of course means that I love this hat more than anything, because I couldn’t bare to lose something that took me so long to make. I don’t know how well the blue colour suits me, yet. Blue is just a colour that doesn’t seem to feature in my wardrobe, so I am slightly uncomfortable with the unfamiliarity of the tone of this otherwise beautiful chapeau, so this may well turn into a gift in the future. I’m just not sure if the colour suits me yet.

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