WIP: More Than One Project

WIP: More Than One Project

I have, for the first time, taken a lover. Formally monogamous, I thought it was time to expand my horizons and explore as yet un-tapped possibilities. Sure, I know that I always have the security of what awaits me at home, but what about those times away from home, when you’re feeling lonely?

Meet my part-time project:

This is my travelling project. A small, mindless project for which I need no instructions, to carry around whenever I am travelling or have an appointment that may involve lot of waiting around. So, the progress bar will probably creep up rather slowly for this project, but I am looking forward to the day I finish and block this gorgeous yarn.

And from something new, to something revisited. Before Christmas I started a ‘Red Emperor’ stole, which I laid aside to get my Christmas gift knitting done, looking forward to commencing it in the new year.

This was the first complex lace pattern I had ever attempted, so it presented a bit of a challenge of confidence. The lace knitting was extremely enjoyable, but the further I knit, the more aware I became of how different the lace looked to that in the pictures of the pattern. It’s not that the knitting was wrong, or the pattern incorrectly written, but rather that the stole pictured must have been blocked to within an inch of breaking to make it the requisite length, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that to the most gorgeous of yarn I have ever used, or how it would then behave (the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn being as springy a yarn as I have ever seen). I have left it aside for a couple of weeks to think about it, but when I returned to the project this afternoon, someone else had moved in on the scene….

Destined for the frog pond, indeed. I think I can find a new, better pattern for this yarn, so I am going to spend the evening slowly unravelling and re-winding the yarn whilst contemplating how this yarn shall be re-purposed.

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