WIP: Entralac socks

WIP: Entralac socks

I have taken a further step in my new adventure in knitting techniques – entrelac – an interweaving pattern of slanted knitted sections that give the appearance of basketwork on the diagonal. An almost 3D effect of puffed up quilted diamonds.

Of course, if you are going to swathe any part of your anatomy in a patchwork of diamond motifs, why not take inspiration from the jesters of old and turn yourself into a member of the commedia dell’arte and make like a harlequin? And who’s going to better provide you with that riot of colour but Lord 37 Colours Is Never Enough – Kaffe Fasset.

So, armed with what is not exactly the subtlest of yarns I embarked upon my crusade to make the world most caustic-looking socks. A pair of ‘oh, no mummy, make that lady’s jeans a bit longest, the slight raising of the hem as she walks – it burns my eyes!’ pair of foot coverings. The shade above is aptly named ‘zany’ and the resulting socks will hopefully not disappoint in reflecting that moniker:

As diamond after diamond slowly climb in tiers towards the next adventure of ‘my first heel flap’ I have to admit that I am looking forward to the stockinette foot portion, which I am sure will zoom by and set me with a bit of respite, ready for another slowly progressing interweaving of diamonds and a second harlequin’s sock.

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