Spring Cleaning And Winter Woollies

Spring Cleaning And Winter Woollies

I’ve been doing a spot of spring cleaning around the blog, adding to the project gallery a number of finished knits that I had forgotten to include in the run-up to Christmas. I also thought it was about time that I got myself some nifty little progress bars to log my progress on current projects (see sidebar on right) and as it seemed only right to test them out straight away I started a quick project for my good chum Giantmonk, who is sometimes a little cold around his tummy, and who asked for a cuddly tank top.

Giantmonk wanted a tank top with a retro feel, and that’s what he is getting. It’s currently 85% complete, and Giantmonk is checking the blog every 5 minutes or so to see if the bar has crept up by any percentage, so I best go and work out how on earth to knit the ribbing around the neck, as I have never knit something like this before and I am just going to cross my fingers, improvise, and hope for the best.

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