I’m Up For A Bobby Award

I’m Up For A Bobby Award

Checking Ravlery when I switched on my laptop this morning (as much for it’s warming powers on my thighs this on this cold, snowy day as anything else) I had a PM from Alabama Whirly to say that I was nominated for…

How cool is that? It took me a while to find the awards, and then to look through them as there are around 30 categories each full of amazing, funny and disastrous projects, patterns and posts. I have been nominated for my Goldfish Hot Water Bottle cover in the Best Personal Pattern category:

This is such a lovely thing to have woken up to, I am extremely excited and touched that somebody thought to nominate one of my projects, it was totally unexpected! I’m off to finish voting in all of the various categories now and then I had better have a shower and get dressed (I know my priorities!)

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