Baby’s Santa Hat

Baby’s Santa Hat

I had no idea what I was going to make when I stared knitting this. Made from the remnants of an un-ravelled hot water bottle cover that I was knitting earlier in the year I thought I could get away with knitting something for my 6 month old niece purely on the basis that it was pink, and a walk past Mothercare a few weeks ago seemed to suggest that pink was ‘in’ for baby girls, just like every other year…

I had very little yarn to make this with, but experience has taught me that babies tend to be smaller then other human beings, so I thought I could still squeeze a whole but very small project out of the tangled mass of candy floss yarn that I had gathered. I settled on the idea of a pink santa hat, complete with loopy fringing and a magnificent loopy bobble:

It’s a simple hat, and made primarily for novelty purposes (I am hoping that my sister will be able to capture a few cute pictures over the Christmas period), but then maybe it isn’t too obviously a santa hat to be worn at other times. That decision up to my rather picky sister.

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