Adventures With Felting – Hot Water Bottle Cover

Adventures With Felting – Hot Water Bottle Cover

Knowing that I had a hospital stay approaching, I have been trying to get some more of my Christmas projects completed. I finally decided on a hot water bottle cover for my brother-in-law, and I decided that it should be a very Christmassy affair. Knit from a single skein of Louet Riverstone Chunky, I improvised the entire pattern. I don’t know how it came together, or what process of luck decided that it was going to fit, but somehow it did. Before felting in the washing machine, it was a truly colossal piece of knitting. I never had a camera to take a ‘before’ picture, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say it was huge.

Fortunately it felted to a perfect size for a standard hot water bottle, ready for decorating:

It is very much a ‘work in progress’, but I wanted to take some pictures whilst there was still ample light. I think the shepherd needs a few sheep, and it just needs a bit more detail and overall refinement, and I think the star needs a small bead at its centre, to catch the light (in this case I am going to ignore the ‘less is more’ idiom and insist that, actually, more is more), but I now have the general idea of the design laid out for when I am able to return to my projects and (hopefully) finish them in time for gift-giving.

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