A Yarn Of Christmas Rose

A Yarn Of Christmas Rose

I have my first ever hand-dyed yarn.

I have bought, been given, used some gorgeous and varied yarns since I started knitting, but I have never before been lucky enough to own a skein of yarn that somebody has taken the time and effort to deliberate and select some beautiful colours for before applying them with care and skill, and that makes it extremely special.

This 100g skein of 4-ply Blue-Faced Leicester sock yarn in the colourway ‘Rose’ did come beautifully twisted into a perfect hank, but I did what most excited knitters would with the prospect of new knitting experiences with a gorgeous loop of yarn – I untwisted it and wore it around my neck like a giant soft necklace with the same unreserved joy of a child getting a new train set for Christmas and then playing with the empty box.

The colours are exceptional – deep, slightly cool reds, with wisps of a duskier dark pink and a subtle green with hints of sage. It is actually quite appropriately ‘Christmassy’ in colour, and though it is a sock yarn, it is so soft and the colours so well balanced that I think I want to wear it somewhere closer to my face, so I shall have to find an appropriate pattern for about 400m of 4ply wool to do justice to this yarn.

The artisan to thank for the dying of this yarn, The Knitting Goddess, has a shop which positively brims with hand-dyed yarn in every shade under the rainbow, as well as stocking various other knitterly treats and goodies, as well as patterns and a shop blog. If you are lucky enough to later find yourself in receipt of some of the Knitting Goddess’s gorgeous yarn, don’t pass up the chance to brag about it on the dedicated Ravelry group of fans and patrons.

Now, I shall almost certainly spend more time deliberating over seeking out the perfect than I will actually knitting this extremely special yarn, but I am going to try and decide by the time New Year comes around. Of course, if anyone has any flashes of inspiration, I am all ears.

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