Pattern: Squoffle Scarf

Pattern: Squoffle Scarf
Squoffle Scarf by Mimi Hill Eskimimi

Squoffle is a short buttoned scarf, made with a single skein of bulky/chunky weight yarn. Though it is a very easy pattern every sixth row makes a departure from the established garter stitch to add a row of interest with knitted eyelets, some of which are later utilised as button holes (an additional boon to those who do not enjoy making buttonholes, of course!)

This scarf lays completely flat with no curling, so whether you choose to block your finished piece or not is a matter of personal choice, not necessity.

The name Squoffle comes courtesy of a friend, who phoned me whilst I was travelling to say she had picked up something special for tea. As she poured through descriptions of gorgeous starters and a sumptuous main course and what wine we might enjoy, I of course only had ears for what was to be for dessert. Looking at the packaging, she said over the phone in a confused voice ‘Squoffle?’ A Small tear in the cardboard had partially obscured the ‘o’ of ‘soufflé’, and so the word squoffle was born.

I like to think of the squoffle as meaning a ‘squishy waffle’ and with it’s frothy texture and grid of eyelets, it’s a name that seemed to suit this little scarf quite well.

Download the PDF for Squoffle

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