Moss Hat

Moss Hat

When presenting myself with the question what can I make with just 35g of RYC Baby Alpaca DK? I decided to somehow try and combine it with 45g of RYC Silk Wool DK to make a more substantial project. I had a feeling that if I was careful I could make it stretch to a hat with perhaps enough left over for some kind of embellishment. ‘Stripes’ were suggested early on by Smashing Puffin, and I thought this a fantastic suggestion as a subtle but eye-catching design could be made with the slightly different green tones and the contrasting textures. Also, it was obvious that whatever was going to be knit with these two yarns it was going to feel gorgeous.

I decided to knit a simple, skinny striped hat (single alternating rows of colour), with a few slipped stitches to add interest and an almost graphical, if not quite geometric, patterning to the hat. An almost blanket covering of rainclouds during my last two days in Lancaster have meant that I haven’t been able to get a good photograph of the now completed hat, but here is a detail until I can play at being David Bailey:

Though I knit this for myself, the very subtle colour variations and gentle spiralling of the slipped stitches make me hopeful that most men would also be happy to wear a hat such as this, in what I hope is a slightly more attractive manifestation of the 1980’s idea of ‘unisex’, and I may try and knit a cute embellishment with the small remnants to make the most out of these gorgeous yarns and add some interest for an even more feminine knit. I kept comprehensive notes as I was knitting (especially during the fun decrease rounds, which were difficult to work out but which I love now they are complete) so I am gong to try and write up the pattern when I have a spare moment or two.

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