FO: Pirate Treasures Mittens

FO: Pirate Treasures Mittens

Attention, ‘ye sea-farin’ lot

Yarr, scurvy land lubbers. We pirates keep be keepin’ arr hands warm with mittens, and both Bones mittens are now complete. I had some obvious issues with the suggested beads being too big to knit comfortably in pattern, but after strenuous and forceful blocking I think even Blackbeard himself would be accepting of them into his treasure haul. Ok, maybe they are a bit ’emo’ for Blackbeard, but I reckon Johnny Depp would be all over them…

I’m satisfied with these and they are now going into my little box of knitted Christmas treasure which I am going to bury before I am tempted to put these on myself, to keep my scurvy hands warms whilst I swab the decks (or clean the oven, whichever task presents itself first).

Pattern: Bones by Jane Burns
Yarn: Regia Uni / Solid 4-ply / 4-fädig

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