Beaded Skull and Crossbones Motifs Now Tamed

Beaded Skull and Crossbones Motifs Now Tamed

In my previous post I was in the process of experimenting with inserting pins through the vertical columns of beads on the fingerless mitts I have just finished knitting. As I had written, the beaded skull and crossbones designs, as well as the surrounding knitting, were quite distorted and unattractive. Perhaps I understated that just slightly. I have just downloaded the photos:

The knitting in the picture above is not sitting in an ungainly heap – the larger gauge determined by the beads pulls the surrounding knitting so far out of shape that the knitting puckers quite uncontrollably. The gloves were un-wearable and uncomfortable with a big lumpen mass of beads on the back of the hand, but blocking has worked its usual magic:

I am really very pleased with just how much blocking has improved these mittens. I thought that this ill-fated yarn was due for another trip to the frog pond, but instead I will be able to add the mitts to my little box of finished Christmas gift knits once the second glove has finished drying and had its blocking pins removed and I have taken some obligatory pictures for blog documentation.

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