Mod Mug Hugger (pattern)

Mod Mug Hugger (pattern)

Have you ever been given a random ball of yarn, of unknown origin, that you know you’ll never be able to find another of and which you don’t know what to do with?

When I once took part in a magazine swap, the issue that I received from my swap partner came unopened with two (different) balls of random yarn. One, in shades of pink, green, cream and brown I still have in a sweet jar on my desk, the other, black and white, became this mug cosy.

With about 30g of unknown weight, fibre or length, it needed to be something small, and my chilly hands soon dreamed up this simple pattern. Taking only about ½ and hour to knit and just as little yarn, it’s a quick and easy pattern for when your fingers are bored.

Download the PDF for the Mod Mug Hugger

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