Ladies Of Low Moral Fibre Crafts

Ladies Of Low Moral Fibre Crafts

A play for two people, taken from an actual conversation I had with a friend yesterday.

[Two people, a man and a woman, are sitting on a sofa in a cafe, a hand-wound ball of wool between them. The woman gets up to shift her bum into a more comfortable position, and the ball of wool rolls off across the floor]

Man Did you wind that up yourself?

Woman Yes.

Man I have been reading about how you start to hand-wind a ball of wool. You have to hold your fingers like this [makes random and gesture] and loop it round in a figure eight.

Woman Oh?

Man Yes, I was reading in that book. It was here, somewhere… [looks around] … you know, you had it here… ‘Knit like a prostitute’, something like that.

Woman Er…? [looks confused and searches around seat before reaching into her bag and finding the book in question]


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