Understanding Socks – Part II

Understanding Socks – Part II

Once I had completed and handed the first pair of socks to the intended recipient I felt quite buoyed by the project, and it motivated me to start a new project. I had a peer through my stash to have a think about what to knit next, but nothing grabbed me, so I had a wander to the shops and ended up accidentally buying some more sock yarn. I think part of the motivation was that the first pair of socks were quick, well formed and just made something special of an item that is often mundane and unloved.

The second pair of socks (Mermaid Socks, by Lucy Neatby) were on the needles the next day. A more complex design with a sideways garter cuff and swirling pattern around the leg, the were gratefully received and enviously coveted.

Two pairs down, a third pair just about to reach completion, I’m considering making a pair for each person in the family as a Christmas gifts.

I still don’t have a clue what knitted dishcloths are about, though.

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