Understanding Socks – Part I

Understanding Socks – Part I

I never understood the attraction of wearing hand-knit socks, let alone the time and effort needed to complete a pair of the most utilitarian of garments which sit in smelly shoes and never get seen. Nevertheless, a little bug – a tiny bug with a really annoying voice kept on telling me that I should try to knit a pair, just for the knowledge of how to knit socks should I ever need to (I don’t know what circumstances could ever lead to me desperately needing to knit a sock, but that aside it was a constant worry that I couldn’t do so should I ever need to…) I eventually caved in to that little bug and armed with two balls of Regia Design Line in the shade ‘Easter’, which is the colour of a clown’s dreams, I made a pretty basic pair of toe-up socks using Knitty.com’s Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula, which I’d happily recommend to any other sock-virgins.

The socks were easy-going, no stress knitting – easily accomplished whilst watching the TV once I learned how to do short rows via the very clear instructions included. They were declared well-fitting, comfortable and warm, and I was feeling decidedly happy with myself for accomplishing the dreaded socks – what I had imagined to be fiddly and time consuming actually turned out to be simple and very fast. A couple of nights in front of the TV and a pair of woolly foot covers were born.

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