The trouble with colour

The trouble with colour

… is that not everybody likes it.

Me? I love it. I was raised by Care Bears. In a disco. Run by Clowns. So, where’s the problem? Well, the thought of Christmas gift knitting has started to creep into my mind and I have my heart set on a pair of socks for each of my nearest and dearest, but the truth is that genetics do not seem to control our colour preferences. I am not too concerned about choices for my sisters – though they’d not embrace the fashion stylings of a Gyles Brandreth jumper, a colourful pair of socks hidden away under some jeans will (hopefully) not disgust them too much. The difficulty, however, starts with my sisters’ partners. Both, by their own admission, rather conservative chaps. A pair of socks knitted from the tail-hairs of a My Little Pony aren’t going to make it onto their feet. My issue, though, that I just can’t seem to buy sensible sock yarn. I have tried, really I have, and look at the extent of my success thus far:

I’ve never been able to limit my love all all things bright and colourful – I just can’t see why anyone would want to dress in dull, drab, unsaturated shades when there are so many beautiful bright hues to pick from, though I know those more subtle tones and shades can look stunning. I had a friend at university that pretty much exclusively only wore shades of grey. From Dove to Charcoal, she would have looked no different on a 1950s TV set, but she was the most graceful and elegant dresser I have ever known. I, on the other hand, looked like I had covered myself in super-glue and run naked through a troupe of clowns. So, I’m trying to slowly adjust myself to starting to look for sock yarn in dark grey, to make socks for my sisters’ partners that they might actually like enough to wear.

Whilst I prepare myself for that leap, though, I’m happily filling my cart with two Zauberballs in the shades ‘Tropical Fish’ and ‘Crazy Little Fox’.

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