Rachel’s Socks

Rachel’s Socks

The socks that Giantmonk was helping to knit in the very first post of this blog are now complete. Made from Wendy Happy sock yarn in the shade Leo, this yarn is made primarily with Bamboo with added Nylon for strength, meaning that it is not only 100% vegan and very suitable for anyone with wool allergies, but it is also very cool on the feet and (if the spiel is to be believed) very good at keeping the feet relatively free from nasty smell-making bacteria.

So, having a sister with a wool allergy and smelly feet (Hi Rachel!) – I know she’ll never stumble by this blog in a million years so I am not too worried about saying that… snarfle – this yarn was a perfect choice. Moreover, it didn’t cost very much either – £6 for a 100g/420m ball.

As I wanted to make the most of the long colour repeats, and because I wasn’t sure how this slippery, drapey yarn was going to behave, I wanted a relatively simple pattern that I could knit without concentrating too much. I decided on a plain stockinette sock with a sideways garter stitch cuff but with an added lace panel that would run down the outside edge of the foot, just for a little added interest (though this might add as an extra ventilation shaft for those whom the magical odour-repelling properties of bamboo yarn do not suffice!)

There was plenty of yarn to ensure that the stripes on the socks matched perfectly, and still enough left over to allow me to sift through the rest of the yarn and pick out four matching lengths so that the short-row heels and toes, which I added in after knitting the rest of the socks, all matched.

There was one small negative that I encountered with this yarn – when I was soaking the finished socks to block them they bled a lot. Left to soak for ten minutes in cold water when I returned it looked like a scene from Sweeney Todd’s Bathroom.

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