Knitted words – Knitfont

Knitted words – Knitfont

A while ago I was wandering merrily through Internetland, watching balls of wool skip happily through the meadows, scampering around the giant cones of yarn, whilst listening to the gentle soothing sound of the needles clicking away in the trees when I stumbled upon Knitfont. I picked myself back up and considered this cute little font for a few minutes. It was a simple idea, but perfectly done, and available in two different forms – knitted letters on a plain background or white letters on a knitted background.

Both quite attractive in themselves, but I think the effect is most pleasing when you use both together. If you have a graphics program that uses layers, such as Photoshop, you can use both versions in different colours to layer one on top of the other to fit them together:

I used this same idea to create the ‘Eskimimi Knits’ graphic at the top of the page, and I think it could come in handy for making gift tags or washing instructions tags for knitted items and in many other applications.

I think the question that begs to be asked is – Can you use it for lettering in colourwork? I haven’t tried it myself, yet, but it’s something I keep meaning to give a go. I do not think that it is the intended purpose of the font – I think it may have been created purely for decorative value, but I think it is worth experimenting with so I’m gong to give it a go. I’ll post the results soon.

‘Knitfont’ by Honey and Death can be downloaded free of charge from here.

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