knit unloved

knit unloved

How many knits have you sent out into the wild? have they all found happy homes and owners to care for them, or have some ended up unloved, maybe even abused? Meet my first ever pair of knitted socks:

They are not particularly beautiful, but they were the original. I had been putting off knitting socks since I began knitting – I wanted to try, but I could never find the confidence. A month or so ago, Socks the 1st were born. Sure, they weren’t very pretty, had no finesse, and had a few wonky stitches from my first flirtations with short-row shaping, but they were sock -shaped and fit their new owner.

Let’s meet up with them a month later:

This is not the sight of happy socks. They are unloved, abandoned. They are literally ‘left on the shelf’. Since making Socks the 1st, I have made a few more pairs of socks, and I think it is fair to say that subsequent pairs have been an improvement on these humble beginnings, and the flashier, more comfortable socks have ousted Socks the 1st from favour. I do not mind this, socks the 1st were only really an experiment, but the recipient had picked out the yarn and seemed very happy with them, at first. Still, I wanted to find these guys a new home.

They’re a bit big for me, so the heel isn’t quite in the right place, but they are warm and comfortable, and as I haven’t actually knit a pair of socks for myself yet, I’m happy that they’ve decided to be my friends.

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