Dapper Nintendo DS Lite/DSi Cosy (pattern)

Dapper Nintendo DS Lite/DSi Cosy (pattern)

The Nintendo DS has been one of the most spectacular successes in the world of gadgetry that there has ever been. Resting on the coffee tables, desks, and slung into the bags of schoolchildren, businessmen and grannies alike it was the first gaming innovation that crossed the boundaries of age, and as such it is the biggest selling gaming console of all time. Many people feel very attached to their little travelling games companion, but time spent rattling around in the bottom of a briefcase, rucksack or handbag it is fraught with all sorts of dangers. Malicious keys, hateful biros, malevolent hair accessories, spiteful football boots – all trying to do your little gaming friend some damage to its smooth and perfect surface.

I say ‘no!’ to DS abuse. It is true that commercially available DS protective cases are available, but there is no love in their construction, no feeling for the protection of your little dual-screened pal. We must rally around to change the way people treat their DS consoles, and the change must start with you. Snatch up your needles, dive into your stash, and press download, download, download!
Download the PDF for the Dapper Nintendo DS Lite/DSi Cosy

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