An Eye For Colour

An Eye For Colour

Some people seem to have an innate sense of what colours look good together, whereas some people feel so overwhelmed by the thought of combining several shades into a one outfit that they end up sticking to what they know and living a monotone life. I have pretty strong ideas about which colours I like. I love a dusky pink alongside a sage green, I love to see rich brown the colour of bitter chocolate alongside a pale turquoise, but I have always had a strong idea of what colours I favour, whether they are in vogue or not (though, usually, not).

One knitter’s beauty is another’s headache, and though colour choice is and will always be a personal thing, there are a few tools to help those that want to experiment but don’t want to end up looking like 1980s Christmas decorations…Colour Lovers is one of my favourite sites for searching out palettes of colour. The pro palette maker provides many tools to create and view your own colour combinations. If you are unsure of how a number of colours you have been admiring online might look together you can simply use the slide controls to pick out those colours and observe them together. If you have no preconceived idea of what colours you might like to try then the huge library of user made colour palettes are always a great place to start looking for information.

From subtle to outlandish – there are thousands of swatches to enjoy, useful for both working out great yarn combinations and blog layouts/graphics, etc. The colour lovers site is only one of thousands of resources available to you on the internet, but it is one of those that I find myself returning to most often – much of the time just to browse and admire, and to remind myself not to keep returning to the colour combinations that I have had prior success with.

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