Hyacinthus Arm Warmers

Hyacinthus Arm Warmers

Finished in early March, the first project from A Year Of Techniques was a pair of Hyacinthus Armwarmers knit in my favourite yarn, Zauberball. Knit over the course of a week, this simple little project pretty much flew off the needles. With minimal shaping and […]

A Knitted Mouse And A ‘Something Else’

A Knitted Mouse And A ‘Something Else’

The knitting and stuffing of Alex The Mouse┬áhas taken this sweet new little companion to a state of cuddly completion. Though a simple little knit, there were plenty of little skill elements such as stranded colourwork and attached iCord to keep the project entertaining until […]

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Mouse Knitting

All crafty endeavors this week have been turned towards finishing Alex The Mouse, because I need to have him finished before I can move onto the next project which is a (deep breath) deadline knit. I don’t usually decide to take on deadline knits, so […]

Finished Brambling Shawl

Finished and Blocked: Brambling Shawl in Fyberspates Cumulus

The blocking thread has finally been pulled free of my Brambling Shawl, and the finished piece is ready for a photograph, even if I have to pull a few funny shapes so that I can stand back far enough from it to get the whole […]

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Knitting April Into May

I have been taking part in the first three months of the A Year Of Techniques project being run by ACKnitwear: a year of monthly projects which each focus on a new technique. Starting in March, the first month’s technique, helical stripes, offered up a […]